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Monday, December 30, 2013

Blackberry Cheese Danishes

These are my favorite. they are also so easy. honestly i thought they would be harder ... so i have always bought them. but honestly there so easy and yummy... WHat you need 1 package of refrigerated cresant roll dough 1 brick of cream cheese 1/2 cup of splenda ( if you dont watch sugar in your house than you can use powdered sugar or regular sugar.. your choice) 1 tablespoon of vanilla 1/2 cup of black berries ( if you want regular cheese danishes.. then you can omit the fruit all together.) 1/2 brown sugar What you do open your cresent rolls, and seperate all the triangles.. roll the triangles into balls and then roll out into rectangles. place the rectangles (8) onto the sheet tray, sprinkle the brown sugar onto the rectangles and then roll them up lilke a tootsie roll and then coil them to shape a circle... you following me ?? hahaha now in a seprate bowl combine the cream cheese, sugar of choice, vanilla and fruit. stir to combined. place one to two tablespoons of the filling ontop of the coiled cresent. bake at 350 for 20 minutes. let cool . ENJOY!!

Jalapeno poppers

these are made at least 2 times a month in our house. My husband loves them, and there easy and quick. what you need 12 whole Jalapenoes 1 brick of cream cheese 1/2 cup of crubled bacon bits or cooked chopped bacon 1/2 cup of cheddar cheese. salt pepper garlic powder What you do preheat your oven to 350 slice and clean your jalapenoes and get all the whilte ribs out because thats were the heat lives. leave some if you like yours extra spicy like we do. in a bowl combine the soften cream cheese the bacon and 1/4 cup of the cheddar cheese the salt and pepper, and garlic powder. lay your sliced (longways) jalapenoes on a greased sheet tray and fill each half with one tablespoon of the cream cheese mixture. top the jalapenoes with the remanding cheese. and bake for 12 - 15 minutes.. let cool for about 5 and assemble on a tray and there ya go yummy!! EMJOY

Friday, December 6, 2013

A OLD FASHIONED HEART: jalapeno popper chicken

A OLD FASHIONED HEART: jalapeno popper chicken: This is a favorite in our home. Its just the right of spit y...and. dreamy.. creamy. Its very flavorfull and juicy. Its so easy to make,...